Choosing Paint Colors for Lake Forest Properties

No matter what business you are running, you want your property to make a good impression. This starts with choosing the best painting contractors and the right paint colors.

Company takes pride in our exceptional eye for design. Our color consultants can help you find the best wall paint colors to delight your clients. How do we guarantee such beautiful results? With color theory!

Exterior and Interior Paint Colors FOR Lake Forest

Nowadays, when we think of color theory, we think of the color wheel. The traditional color wheel painters rely on is a three-part wheel, comprised of:

  • Primary colors: These pigments cannot be mixed by combining other colors.
  • Secondary colors: These colors result from combining primary colors.
  • Tertiary colors: These are the colors you get by mixing a primary and a secondary color.

The color wheel is the go-to tool for Serna Painting Inc’s designers. By drawing from the color wheel, we can create well-balanced color combinations. These are usually made up of a combination of a dominant color and one or more accent colors. Esthetically pleasing wall paint schemes follow color harmony.

  • Monochromatic: Monochromatic color palettes deliver a serious, professional atmosphere.
  • Complementary: Colors on the opposite end of the color wheel. Examples include blue and orange or purple and yellow. They can be playful choices for schools and community centers.
  • Triadic: Three evenly spaced colors on the color wheel. Pay attention to the mood your colors convey.
  • Analogous: Not as serious as monochromatic color schemes, they offer excellent versatility. Analogous color schemes make for great kitchen and bathroom paint colors.

Color Paint Ideas with %COMPAY%

The colors you use in your commercial property evoke feelings in your employees and customers. The right colors can improve productivity and energize clients. When deciding on an interior paint color, consider the atmosphere you’re trying to evoke. Our team can guide you on which colors to choose to evoke emotions related to your business, clients and employees.

Although colors each carry their own connotations, keep in mind that different saturations, shades or tints also affect mood. Consider yellow as an example. Be cautious around pale yellow-greens, which can convey sickliness instead of cheerfulness. On the other side, yellow can be a rich gold, which connotes wealth and superiority. By keeping color psychology in mind when you look for interior paint ideas, you can make sure you get the atmosphere you want.

Our professionals can help you decide on which colors will work best for your business type. Call us today to consult with a member of our team about your color options.

Choosing Paint Techniques for Your Commercial Property

  • Rag Rolling
  • Sponging
  • Color Washing
  • Faux Marble
  • Antiquing
  • …and more

Professional Paint Color Consultants

When you’re looking to enhance your Lake Forest property, contact Serna Painting Inc. We’ll provide beautiful results every time. Take pride in your commercial building and call us for a free estimate today!