Deck Staining in Hawthorn Woods

Serna Painting Inc is the leading deck staining company serving Hawthorn Woods. We help you get the deck you want at a price you can afford, all while protecting it from the weather and boosting your property’s curb appeal. For world-class work and top-tier service, our team is the one to choose.

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Best-in-Class Deck Stains

Our deck stains are second to none. We boast an impressive catalog of stains, coats, and finishes to give you the deck you’ve always wanted. Each of them has been carefully chosen based on their protective qualities, long lifespan, and exceptional aesthetic value. If you need your deck stained, you’ll find no better choice than a stain from Serna Painting Inc.

When applying a stain, our team works with care, patience, and diligence to give you best-in-class results every time. They are the best in the business, combining years of experience with a commitment to their craft. Passion, precision, artistry—expect no less than the best with our deck staining services.

Deck Staining Services in Hawthorn Woods

Fast. Affordable. Exceptional.

Staining decks is a big job. But our team makes it look easy. We put our years of experience to good use to give you stellar results while staying on time and within budget. Choose us, and your deck will look better than ever. But that’s not all. You’ll save time, stress, and money, too.

How do we do it? It’s not by cutting corners or taking shortcuts. Rather, it’s through efficiency, experience, and expertise. We use high-efficiency work practices to reduce our service times, eliminate project bloat, and keep our costs to a minimum. By doing so, we’re able to speed up the job without compromising on the quality of our stains. We’re able to save you time, save you money in the process, and still give you the results you’re looking for. Talk about a win-win.

Start with Deck Stain Consultation

…and End with a Look You’ll Love

We know the value of our services. We know we do the best job possible at the best price possible, and that we always give it 100% to meet your expectations.

We want you to know it, too.

That’s why we’re offering you a no-obligation consultation before having to hire us. It’s our chance to prove our worth and earn your trust. It’s also a chance for you to experience the value of our services without having to feel pressured into anything.

You can book a consultation, and we’ll come to your location, sit down with you, and discuss your project in detail. We’ll assess the deck to be painted, and we’ll provide a range of options for color and work schedules. From there, we’ll leave you with a cost assessment, so you know what you’re getting into. Some say we go overboard trying to please you before locking you into anything. But for us, we think it’s what you—our valued customer—deserve.

For Local Deck Staining, Choose Serna Painting Inc

For quality, convenience, and price, our service is the one to choose. We’ve helped countless clients transform their decks with our stellar stains and top-tier workmanship. They’ve all appreciated our professionalism and commitment to customer satisfaction. We know you will too.

Don’t delay. To get started, contact us today.