Choosing the Right Paint Colors for Your Beach Park Property

The right wall paint colors have a dynamic effect on your commercial building’s atmosphere. Serna Painting Inc’s color consultants help you discover outstanding exterior and interior paint ideas. Choose from energetic, inspiring and luxurious paint colors. Together, we’ll make your property stand out.

Choosing the Right Exterior Paint Colors

When customers approach your building, they make snap judgments based on how it looks. You want your property to make a great first impression. Differentiate yourself from your competitors with the right exterior paint colors.

When transforming your commercial exterior, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with nearby properties. While you want to make an impression, you want it to be a good one. If your property is in a historical part of Beach Park, you need to keep your area in mind. Staining your historical brick canary yellow might not draw the best attention.

Exterior Paint Colors

The first place to look for exterior paint ideas should be your brand. Even if you don’t want to paint your entire property a deep purple or a bold red, your company color can be a great accent! Consider your target audience as well. Vibrant exterior paint colors can be a hit with younger generations. Navy blue and shades of gray appeal more to conservative audiences.

Choosing the Right Interior Paint Colors

When it comes to choosing interior paint colors, you want to consider room size and lighting. Selecting the right kitchen and bathroom paint colors increases the value of rental properties and condos. Neutral wall paint is a safe way to refresh your property, especially if you balance them with striking accents.

Are you redesigning for your customers or your employees? Fresh interior paint colors can boost employee morale and productivity. Keep in mind that colors affect people’s moods, so use this to your advantage. A relaxing blue will inspire trust and confidence. But it might not be the best color for a retail environment aiming to move a lot of products.

Choose a color scheme that compliments your logo as a subtle way to advertise your brand. It’ll give your property a professional look and help boost your image.

Outstanding Creative Interior Paint Ideas for Your Business

When you want your commercial interior to make an impression, consider our decorative painting services. Stenciling your company’s logo behind the reception or in your conference room can make a bold statement. Add life to your office building with harlequin, chevron, or stripe patterns. Or choose from our many faux finishing techniques to add depth. For exceptional painting ideas, browse our portfolio for ideas on:

  • Rag Rolling
  • Sponging
  • Color Washing
  • Faux Marble
  • Antiquing
  • Dragging Strié
  • …and more!

Leading Professionals in Paint Colors

Serna Painting Inc’s experienced professional painters deliver high-quality craftsmanship no matter the project. We use premium paints to deliver lasting results. Enjoy the beautiful look of your property for years. Contact us today to get started!